Tra Que Chai No. 36 - Organic

Cinnamony, aromatic, warm, spicy, and did we mention cinnamony?!

Most chai blends balance the spices with a good amount of black tea, but our organic Tra Que Chai balances the black tea with an abundance of cinnamon. And because we use the spicier, stronger, and sweeter type of saigon cinnamon from Vietnam, it makes for a delightfully aromatic, warm, spicy, and cinnamony chai latte! Indian black tea, nutmeg, and clove round out this redolent chai. Organic. Caffeinated.

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How to Steep Tra Que Chai Tea

  • 2 tsp Tra Que Chai Tea
  • 8 oz* of water or 4 oz water and 4 oz milk
  • 205-212°F - Near boiling to boiling
  • Steep for 6 minutes

Caffeine: 40-65mg per 8 oz
Country: India & Vietnam

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