Masala Chai No. 16 - Organic

Masala Chai is a traditional Indian blend of warm spices and black tea. Ours starts with a strong base of Nilgiri black tea. Bits of ginger root, cardamom, anise seed, cinnamon, and coriander are added to give it a classic “chai” taste. Commonly prepared with milk and sweetener, many of our customers enjoy making chai lattes from our Masala Chai blend. Organic. Caffeinated.

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Our Masala Chai and Organic Kashmiri Chai are our two most popular “traditional” chai blends. While both share a close flavor profile, the anise gives the Masala a smoother, sweeter flavor compared to the Kashmiri. It has a nice balance of spices and is overall is slightly less spicy, robust, and astringent, which make it equally enjoyable steeped in water or as a latte.

How to Steep Masala Chai Tea

Masala Chai can be steeped in water or in a mix of milk and water.

  • 2 heaping tsp Masala Chai
  • 8 oz* of water or 4 oz water and 4 oz milk
  • 205-212°F - Near boiling to boiling
  • Steep for 3-6 minutes

*8 oz (one cup) of chai is never enough, so feel free to double or triple this recipe!!

Caffeine: 40-65mg per 8oz cup
Country: Northern India