Velvet 'Milk' Oolong No. 107

Our Velvet Oolong is a true, high-mountain milk oolong grown in Taiwan and has a light, velvety smooth brew. Milk Oolongs are known for their wonderful floral aroma, buttery smooth texture, and a sweet, milky, & lightly roasted flavor – ours is no exception! Taking 1st place in Oregon’s first State Tea Competition, our Velvet Oolong is also a top contender for “most favorite tea” among our lovely customers.

Included in our Oolong Tea Gift Set!

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About Milk Oolong

Milk oolong leaves are bright and dark green (the latter reminiscent of pine needles) and are rolled into semi-balls. Once steeped, the leaves unroll. The milky flavor, and the reason for the name of this oolong, comes from a number of natural factors such as growing altitude, weather, and harvest time. Our milk oolong is not flavored by soaking or steaming the leaves with milk or other additives.

How to Steep Milk Oolong Tea

One of the wonderful aspects of oolong is that it can be steeped multiple times, as is the case with our Velvet Oolong. Many of our customers find they can get at least 3 steeps from a few grams (~2 teaspoons) of oolong without losing it’s milky flavor. We recommend steeping for 2-3 minutes with water temperature around 180°-190°F.


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