Parvati's Golden Chai No. 11 - Organic

100% handcrafted with love and devotion - we’ve yet to find anything quite like it!

Some drink a cup of tea because it’s delicious; some because it’s healthy. But when it comes to our golden chai, most enjoy a cup because it’s both full of flavor and good for you. It’s packed with an ayurvedic blend of organic turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, orange peel, lemon peel, peppercorn, freshly grated coconut flakes, and coconut oil. With a sweet, heavenly aroma and a wonderful balance between sweet and spicy, self-care is just a sip away. Organic. Non-caffeinated. (Note: The description on the tin incorrectly states this tea has caffeine.)

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About Our Golden Chai

If you look around online, you won’t find many golden chai blends. The ones that are use either black tea, which mean it’s caffeinated, or include spices like cinnamon and cardamom. Don’t get us wrong, we love those options, but we wanted to craft something unique. The result is a holistic blend that still honors the essence of golden chai with a touch of citrus and coconuty sweetness.

Too much ginger is a bad thing, said no one ever.

True to a “golden chai,” ours is loaded with turmeric and ginger...lots of turmeric and lots of ginger. One of our customers told us, “We LOVED the Parvati's once we got our heads around how much ginger you rammed in there!” And while the ginger does add warmth and energy and spice to this tea, notes of lemongrass, orange & lemon peel, and coconut pull through nicely.

Crafted with love & devotion, it’s soothing to the body & mind. A blend that quickly becomes our customer’s favorite comfort tea.

How to Steep Golden Chai

Our golden chai is one of those teas that doesn’t discriminate. To be enjoyed morning or evening and as a tea or chai latte with your favorite type of milk!

  • 2 heaping tsp Parvati’s Golden Chai
  • 8 oz water
  • 212°F - Near boiling to boiling
  • Steep for 6 minutes

To make as a golden chai latte, use 2 parts water and 1 part milk.


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