Gold Jujube Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot

This authentic Japanese Tetsubin cast iron teapot is made with cast iron decorated with gold enamel and pinecone design on the lid. For brewing tea leaves only- not suitable for boiling water on the stove or open fire. Comes with a deep stainless steel infuser basket. 30oz

Handwash with hot water only.

A little History of Tetsubin Cast Iron Kettles

Tetsubin, or iron kettles, were originally used in the home to boil water. These tetsubin generally were not ornately decorated, as they were placed over the hearth to provide heat and humidity during cold weather. During the mid-19th century as infused tea drinking became more popular, tetsubin evolved from being a kitchen item to a status symbol used to serve tea. Some of these tetsubin were elaborately decorated with a high relief design or inlay of copper, gold or silver. The region best know for making tetsubin is Iwate prefecture in northern Japan.

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