Color Change Candle

MAKE YOUR DAY & NIGHT MORE EXCITING - Boost your mood every time you see your candle change color and smell the fresh scents of the Pacific Northwest.

BEFORE COLOR CHANGE - You will see a black mountain range silhouette

DURING COLOR CHANGE - As your candle burns down, the hot wax and candle flame will cause the mountains to begin to change color

AFTER COLOR CHANGE - Once the color change is complete you will see frosted white mountains.


- Heat Sensitive Candle

- Scent: PNW Mountain Breeze and PNW Mountain Pine 

- Design wraps around entire candle holder

- Thermochromic color changing ink

- Wooden Wick

PRODUCT DETAILS: - 8oz candle wax/10 Fl oz candle holder - 35 Hour Burn Time - Glass Candle Holder - Soy Wax - BPA/Lead Free - Hand Wash ONLY

- Gently wash outside of mug with soft sponge or simply with just water and soapsuds to preserve color changing print.

- Avoid using tough or rough cleaning tools on outside of mug.

- Avoid scratching mug with sharp objects or picking at design to help maintain color changing print

- Not Microwave or Dishwasher Safe!

- Due to the sensitive nature of the color changing print

- Please Be Careful When Hot

-Reusable as a Sunkiss Color Changing Cup! Once Candle Has Burned Through, Reuse the Candle Holder as a Sunkiss Color Changing Cup. Hot Beverages Will Also Cause the Designs/Logos to Change Color.

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