Portal Tea Coming Soon

So you've probably come across a Portal Tea product and the QR code brought you here, right? Well, you came to the right place.

Wait a minute - isn’t this Tea Chai Te? 

Yes, we still are!

After 20 years of serving others great-tasting tea adventures in our tea shops, we decided to change our name to something that embodies that transformative spirit. 

What’s Portal Tea Company?

That’s our new name! Giving a nod to our brand roots, we kept our signature teapot and font styles and paired them with a name more in line with our goals and values. We’re still the same staff, serving your favorite teas in relaxing tea shops - just now with a fun new name.

So what else is changing? 

Our awesome tea menu, tea offerings, bubble tea offerings, staff and tea shops will all remain the same. We are excited to be in our creative mode again and have been coming up with new wonderful tea blends and other tea products, such as Nitro Teas and Chai Concentrates, that will help customers more easily bring flavorful tea experiences at home or on any journey. We will also be adding new online services, such as subscription ordering on our newly built website (coming June 2023), making online ordering easier. 

And no need to stress, all Tea Chai Te gift cards, free tea cards and discounts will continue to be honored in all our shops and online. 

We are so grateful for all the support we have received over the past 20 years and are looking forward to sharing all these new tea experiences with all of you. 

-Owners Dominic & Angela


For all wholesale inquiries regarding new Portal Tea products, please email dom@teachaite.com