Yunnan Hong Cha No. 2 - Organic

Naturally sweet, earthy, & ultra-smooth, you'll come back cup after cup.

If you’ve yet to try a high-grade loose leaf Yunnan Hong Cha black tea, you’re in for a treat. Considered a gourmet tea, Hong Cha - meaning “red tea” - is produced from a higher grade tea leaf that contain golden tips. It’s naturally sweet, malty, rich, and smooth. It’s the subtle sweetness and smooth texture that will keep you coming back cup after cup after cup. Sourced direct from a small tea farm in the Feng Quing Mountain Region in Yunnan, China. Caffeinated. Organic.

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About Yunnan Hong Cha Red Tea

Also called Yunnan tea, Yunnan Black tea, Yunnan Red tea, and Dian Hong tea (“Dian” is the short name for “Yunnan” and “Hong” meaning “red”). In the western world, Hong Cha is considered a “black” tea due to the color of the leaves. However, in China where this tea is grown and made, it is considered a “red” tea by virtue of the red or brassy orange color of the liquor.

This Hong Cha tea is a Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (TGFOP) grade tea. Golden to golden-orange bud hairs produce a rich liquor that is ruddy red in color and yet still clear enough to see the bottom of your cup. Mild in flavor with sweet, pleasant aftertaste.

  • Organic
  • Caffeinated
  • Sourced from China
  • Black Tea
  • Rare tea

How to Steep Yunnan Hong Cha Tea

  • 2 tsp Yunnan Hong Cha Loose Tea
  • 8 oz
  • 212°F - Near boiling to boiling
  • Steep for 2.5 minutes