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Open Everyday 9am-10pm
734 NW 23rd Ave  -  Portland, Oregon  -  (503) 228-0900

100+ Handcrafted Varieties  -  Award Winning Teas  -  Organic Herbal Medicinals
Seasonal Rare Teas  -  Chai Blends from Scratch  -  House Brewed Kombucha
Portland's Original Bubble Tea  -  Locally Made Mini Pies & Cookies  -  Gluten Free Treats
Unique Teaware  -  Tea Apparel  -  Gift Packs
Outdoor Balcony Seating & Free WiFi

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734 NW 23rd Ave - Portland, OR 97210 - Find us on Google Maps!
We are located at the corner of NW 23rd Ave and NW Johnson
in downtown Portland, Oregon, USA.

You'll find our shop nestled upstairs in a cozy olive green historic Victorian house.
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NW 23rd Ave
Tea Shop
Check out our amazing specialty desserts by local bakeries and Vegan and Vegetarian food options!
Portland, Oregon's
Original Bubble Teas
Made from Scratch!