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People Who Holistically Heal Others...

  Healing Times       Rose Ingraham      Schaefer Chiropractic

People Who Inspire Personal Growth...

Living Wisdom      Susun Weed      Om Base Yoga    Yoga Shala SE     TrackersPDX

Yoga Bibi        doTerra Essential Oils

People Who Capture The Essence of Others Perfectly...

    Cohen                Jesse Brew            Scott West     So Many Moments
Weinstein PR

People Who Beautifully Adorn Others...

Dave Rodriguez     Robot Piercing     D'Lacie McBride

People Who Create Amazing Experiences Through The Written Word...
M. Allen Cunningham
   Daniel Skach-Mills 

People Who Help Others...

Mercy Corps 
            Wired               Bradley Angle               TanQ                 Illuminate India
                            iPhone Repair

People Who Treat Others To Culinary Delights...

 NW Sweets            Le Pigeon              Toro Bravo             Eat                      Beast

     Pok Pok                    Bunk               Tasty n' Sons           Mayura           Bibi Kale Chips

People Who Create Beautiful Things for Others...
Boots N Gus k h5th Season 

People Who Sell Our Tea...

Food Front NW      People's Co op        Alberta Co op         Whole Foods NW

   New Ren          Whole Foods Fremont

People Who Sell Cute Locally Made Things...

Little Things