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We are a locally owned casual tea house specializing in handcrafted organic tea blends. We offer over 120 tea selections, of which 75 are organic. 15 unique handcrafted chai blends are made to order. We always have house brewed kombucha, Happy Mountain Kombucha, on tap and our bubble teas are stellar! We also offer high mountain oolongs, mate blends, apothecary teas, and more. Our TEAm is happy to offer suggestions for any tea request, from teas to suit your mood or boost your immune system, to suggestions for little ones to enjoy the pleasures tea brings.

We carry decadent cookies from Two Tarts Bakery, mini pie holes with traditional recipes from Pie Spot, vegan pastries from Petunias Pies & Pastries. Check out our weekly soup of the day or try our hearty Vegan Red Beans and Rice from local soup company, Souper Natural. We also serve savory & spicy snacks like locally made Vegan Bibi Kale Chips.

Come as you are with a book, laptop (FREE WIFI), or a friend and just relax with a great cup of tea. With doodle books, games, books, free WIFI and a terrific view of the West Hills from our covered balcony, there's no hurry or rush. Tea is savored here, just like your company. Some may say that tea is a liquid hug for the soul, and we hope that's what you'll find in our teas.


734 NW 23rd Ave - Portland, OR 97210 - Find us on Google Maps!
We are located at the corner of NW 23rd Ave and NW Johnson
in downtown Portland, Oregon, USA.

You'll find our shop nestled upstairs in a cozy olive green historic Victorian house.