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Vegan Pastries by Petunia's Pies & Pastries
Incorporating organic & local ingredients,  Petunia's Pies & Pastries creates flavorful vegan muffins and special treats like a Triple Fudge Brownie and Gluten Free Macroons.

Our current offerings vary seasonally.

Pie Holes by Pie Spot
Creating memories filled with sweet flaky pie crusts and nostalgic pie fillings, the Pie Spot literally makes the best pies in town. Weekly offerings vary from pumpkin, apple crumble and even butter pecan pie holes.

Our current offerings vary seasonally.

Cookies by Two Tarts Bakery

This sweet little bakery, Two Tarts, makes incredible and decadent mini cookie creations from their rich chocolate wafer cookies filled with vanilla bean buttercream called Little Mamas to their french style gluten free macarons.

Our current offerings vary seasonally.

Soups by Souper Natural
All soups are made by local soup company,
Souper Natural, specializing in amazing vegetarian and vegan variations on old soup classics. The smoky and spicy vegan red beans and rice is a staple at our tea shops.

Our soup specials vary daily.

Spicy Vegan Kale Chips by Bibi Kale Chips
One of the most addicting and satisfying snacks we've come across yet is Bibi Kale Chips. Paired with our soup offerings or alone, Bibi Kale Chips are a crunchy organic, raw, vegan & gluten free superfood that is packed with a punch.

Our current offering is her signature blend, featuring organic kale, cashews and a spicy kick of peppers and garlic

7983 SE 13th Ave - Portland, OR - Find us on Google Maps!

You'll find our shop in the historic Red Caboose in the warm community of Sellwood in SE Portland.